When Failure is Not an Option.

Engineered for communication and power applications, ZeroDT surge-protection solutions never degrade.

And if you think that’s impressive, read on.

Fast. And made to last.

Built for critical communication and power applications, ZeroDT surge protectors never degrade. With an unmatched response time measured in nanoseconds — not milliseconds — our solutions provide 100 percent capability and are backed by deep engineering and technical expertise.

Surge Protection Systems

Industries and manufacturing entities are always looking for quality surge protection solutions to help protect their critical units and machinery from overvoltage. ZeroDT is an industry leader in providing state-of-the-art Surge Protection Systems that help manufacturers protect the electronic systems in their machinery.

Surge Protection Device

Our industrial surge protection devices are second to none when it comes to quality. We strive to manufacture the best products in the business and aim to become the leading surge protector manufacturer in the country! We go above and beyond for our customers by providing custom Surge Protection Systems. Contact us today to get started!

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Field Sensor Surge Protectors

No degrading. No worries. ZeroDT’s superior line of field sensor surge protectors feature advanced SASD technology, keeping your industrial and commercial equipment safe from unexpected overvoltage spikes.

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DIN Rail Mount Surge Protector

Designed to provide overvoltage protection for the electronics in your cabinet/panel, or to work in tandem with our field sensor surge protectors to provide end-to-end transient protection, ZeroDT’s compact and versatile I/O-24 delivers non-degrading and ultra-fast SASD protection technology. It easily mounts to a grounded DIN rail and provides compression lugs for secure connections to your cables.

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Custom Solutions for Industrial Surge Protection

ZeroDT has provided custom surge protection solutions for every imaginable application, including utilities, oil and gas pipelines, aerospace, water/wastewater, hospitals, and food processing. Let us help you protect your critical systems against overvoltage spikes.

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Why risk costly downtime or compromise the integrity of your equipment?
ZeroDT can show you the way with industry-leading surge protection.

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Expert Perspectives

When grids go down

There’s a lot more behind that surge than you ever imagined. We lay it all out in schematic detail.
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How fast is a nanosecond?

Do you need protection 40 million times faster than the blink of an eye? We think so. Here’s why.
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