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We all know how destructive power surges can be for any smooth-running industrial or commercial sector. In industrial settings, this destruction can be costly and ferociously impact your business operations.

Just like SOPs should be the main part of every business organization; similarly, SPDs also make a significant requirement for running a smooth and successful business. The Surge Protection Devices.

What Types of Industrial Surge Protection Equipment Need?

To determine what type of surge protection device will suit your business, first, you need to learn what is a surge protection device?

A surge protection device (SPD) is an electronic component inserted into an electrical power line to protect against voltage transients, also known as surges. Voltage transients occur due to sudden changes in the amount of power that flows through a power line, such as when a motor starts or stops.

Moreover, the surges can also be caused by lightning strikes, power outages, and other such issues.

SPDs are designed to absorb or redirect the excess energy from a surge so that it does not damage electronic equipment. SPDs typically have a response time of less than one-millionth of a second, which is much faster than the response time of a fuse or circuit breaker.

How does a Surge Protector work?

The surge protection device allows electrical current to flow from the outlet to several electrical and electronic devices plugged into the power strip. If the voltage from the outlet surges or spikes rises above the accepted level, then surge, protector, diverts extra electricity into the grounding wire.

Many SPDs take Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) to divert any extra voltage. Here are some of the types of industrial surge protection equipment that are required daily today.

Types of Surge Protection Devices

Industries may need a few different types of surge protectors to protect their equipment. Such as;

MOVs – MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) are the most common type of surge protector that work by diverting the surge energy from the equipment. However, they can only handle a certain amount of surge energy before they need to be replaced.

MOVs are a good choice for equipment that is not used in a hostile environment like an office equipment.

TVSSs – TVSSs (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors) work by clamping the voltage to a safe level, and filters work by blocking surge energy from reaching the equipment. This protects the equipment from damage, but can also cause a power loss.

TVSSs are a good choice for equipment used in a hostile environment, such as industrial equipment. Filters are a good choice for sensitive equipment, such as computer equipment.

Filters – Filters work by blocking surge energy from reaching the equipment, and this protects the equipment but can cause a loss of power if the filter is not sized properly.

Which type of surge protector is best for their equipment depends on the amount of protection, environment, and equipment required. Nevertheless, the following are a few basic equipment types that need to be protected using the right SPD.

Examples of Industrial Equipment That Requires Surge Protection Device

If we begin with small equipment that needs protection devices, it includes; telephone networks, electric power supply networks, communication, and automatic control buses.

Whereas, the bigger equipment includes;

Security Equipment:

If you want complete security for your staff and clients who visit the place, then one most important thing are these units called “surge protectors”.

They ensure there will never be any spikes in equipment like metal detectors or alarm systems when people enter with cards ready to swipe them through; this way, everything can run smoothly without interruption.

HVAC System:

HVAC electronic surge protection system is a must for those who operate any machine that provides cooling and heating, such as an industrial plant or building’s HVAC unit.

 Professionals should do the installation to avoid potential dangers from improper wiring procedures, which could cause fires.

LED Lighting:

LED lighting techniques have been proven to be an effective way for farmers in production units and areas with high plant growth. If not properly managed, these systems can experience electronic surges that will affect their functionality – shutting down temperature control mechanisms along with it!

This means higher costs when trying to re-establish normal operation because so much energy is required from all aspects after a surge occurs.


Elevators can be a great way to get from one floor of your building to another, or even just outside. The problem is, that they’re not always running smoothly, and some people get stuck in the middle when there’s no power on the floors.

This happens when electronic surges cause interference with machinery and stop them cold during operation. If you don’t want to experience such inconvenience for customers in your business place, ensure you get a surge protection device for elevators.

To conclude, surge protection devices are an important part of any electrical system and can help prevent damage to equipment and interruption of service. ZeroDT is the leading name in serving many industries with the best surge protection devices and helping them run their business smoothly. If you’re also the one, then don’t delay, approach us today!