100% Protection. The first time. Every time.

Engineered for communication and power applications, ZeroDT surge-protection solutions never degrade.
And if you think that’s impressive, read on. 

Pocket-size Protector

Don’t let the size fool you.

Featuring unique SASD technology, our non-degrading surge protectors react fast, boasting a response time of less than five nanoseconds. That’s less than five billionths of a second – no other protection technology is faster. And while most surge protection solutions degrade with every use, ZeroDT’s protection capabilities never degrade, offering 100 percent reliability until the unit self-sacrifices due to current surging beyond its capabilities.

Advantages add up.
Faster than you can blink.

Product Superiority

By any measure, ZeroDT surge-protection products are clearly superior. They’re designed small enough to fit inside the sensor unit housing, so there’s no need to pay for an external enclosure. They come with a 5-year warranty. And while competitor products begin degrading on day one, seldom lasting more than 3-5 years, ZeroDT products perform at 100 percent capacity every time, offering end-to-end protection of your most critical measurements, communications, and power systems.

Expertise and Support

Our experience runs deep. ZeroDT has developed surge protection solutions for a range of real-world applications in oil and gas, petrochemical, utility, wastewater, and other industries. That collective engineering and technical expertise translates to comprehensive consultative support and uncommonly responsive customer service. Whatever you need, including custom design solutions for new applications, we’re here.

Nanoseconds Versus Milliseconds

Speed matters, especially when you rely on the integrity of your power and communications systems. No other technology is faster at detecting and suppressing surges than the SASD technology used by ZeroDT. It’s capable of turning on and off 40 million times in the single blink of an eye.

Guaranteed, Certified and American-made

ZeroDT products come with an unmatched five-year warranty, five times the industry average. While most warranties only cover manufacturing defects, ours covers self-sacrifice due to overvoltage transients.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, ZeroDT is UL Listed:

  • UL 497B Listed – Isolated Loop Circuit Protector (E499683)
  • UL 121201 Listed – Isolated Loop Circuit Protector for use in Hazardous Locations (E502612)
    • Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D
    • Hazardous locations (T6) Tamb = -40°C to 80°C