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Transient Overvoltage
Transient Overvoltage

Transient Measuring Device

ZeroDT has designed and created a field sensor surge protection product line as well as a DIN rail mount unit for cabinets and panels that keeps your devices safe no matter where they’re located. Enjoy the security of knowing your electronics are safeguarded with superior surge protection from ZeroDT.

Ensure the Safety of Your Electronic Measurement Devices

Transient Overvoltage

Electronic remote measurement devices are critical to the operation and success of many manufacturing organizations and other businesses. When those devices go haywire, it can cause substantial interruptions in production or safety hazards to the employees and staff. One of the primary ways that those devices can be compromised is due to electrical surges and overvoltage transient issues.

When there is an overvoltage transient on the conductors going to or from your process automation measurement or control devices, that increase of energy can either destroy the units, or it can lead to device malfunctions. These surges can create vast and costly problems for many businesses and can even be a danger to organization personnel.

Transient Protectors

The good news is that there is a solution. ZeroDT has created industrial overvoltage protection devices targeted at remote field measurement devices and the I-O from cabinet/panels that prevents overvoltage issues and puts a stop to surge-related damage. . Our industrial overvoltage protection devices protect your electronics and help you avoid costly issues of replacement, repair and system downtime that can arise from overvoltage transient energy from either nature’s events such as lightning, or manmade like equipment failure, human error, and utility grid switching.

Take Advantage of a Proprietary Surge Protection Product Line

The ZeroDT surge protection line offers you the ultimate protection for any voltage from 12 Vdc to 120 VAC, with versions to protect up to 2 loops (4-wires) with a single unit. Our goal in everything we do is to help you achieve zero downtime. Take advantage of the many products and benefits offered by our end-to-end field surge protection offerings.

The ZeroDT family provides overvoltage transient surge protection for both analog and digital communication loops and power applications. Applications include post discrete and process automation instrumentation. Each one of our products offers many benefits, including:

  • Non-degrading SASD technology
  • Response time of fewer than 5 nanoseconds
  • Sustainability for multiple communications and power applications (both analog and digital)
  • Small form factor allows mounting inside the transmitter enclosure for optimal protection
  • Suitable for use in hazardous locations (Class 1, Div 2)
  • 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

ZeroDT has Products for Every Commercial and Industrial Instrumentation

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