The ZeroDT Difference: Superior Quality Industrial Surge Protectors

We’ve researched and created outstanding products that help protect your sensitive technology equipment from overvoltage transients. Our ZeroDT products offer far superior applications and capabilities than what our competitors provide. All ZeroDT products have non-degrading SASD technology with lightning-fast response time, UL Listings for use in hazardous locations (Class 1, Div 2) as well as ordinary locations, and are engineered for usage in high humidity environments and extreme temperatures. We have three categories of surge protection products:

ZeroDT Single Loop or 2-wire Field Surge Protectors

These products are unique because of their small form factor and non-degrading SASD protection technology (their small size allows them to be mounted inside of the field devise housing to provide the best protection).  We offer units that are designed for your applications from 12 V DC all the way up to 120 V AC. These units can be used with confidence on your analog measurement circuits (4-20 mA loops) or on digital communication (CAN bus, HART protocol, Profibus and dc power loops) without hampering readings or communications in any way (they are essentially invisible to the circuit until an overvoltage transient event occurs, and then as soon as the voltage returns to normal, they return to their original state – without degradation and ready for the next surge).

ZeroDT Two Loop or 4-wire Field Surge Protectors

These products are like having two of the single loop surge or 2-wire protectors (above) built into a single unit with a single Ground/Earth lead. Each of the 4 lines is completely independently protected to eliminate the chance of an overvoltage on one affecting the other lines. These five-wire devices are small enough to fit inside the housings 12 V and 24 V transmitters/devices, yet pack the industrial horsepower to handle the surge current without degradation. These units are perfect for applications such as multi-variable transmitters, or control devices with an analog current loop and a DC power loop.

ZeroDT DIN Rail Mount Surge Protector

The ZeroDT I/O-24 DIN Rail Mount Protector allows the user to protect two loops or 4-wires in only ½” of DIN rail space. It utilizes the same non-degrading SASD industrial surge protection that we use in our field mount units but engineered into a form factor that is optimized for cabinet and panel applications. It is fully bidirectional so mounting direction errors are eliminated, and it provides protection against transients coming into the electronics from the field as well as against overvoltages going out to the field devices. The I/O-24 easily mounts to the Grounded DIN rail and its top accessible compression lugs allow for #26 – #14 AWG connections.

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